28th Season
Chicago North Men's Senior Baseball League
Five age Divisions, 46 to 50 teams
25+, 35+, 45+, 55+, 60+
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28th Season

Chicago North Men's Senior Baseball League

Five age Divisions, 46 to 50 teams
25+, 35+, 45+, 55+, 60+

Hotline: 847-604-2444

The complete schedule for the 60's & 55 divisions have been finalized and are posted in Scorebook. The 45 schedule  will be next.


$10 Open Hitting at Play Ball USA!! $10 per player fee for 1 hour of hitting on days as follows:

Mt. Prospect: Saturday 10 AM to 11 AM

Northbrook: Thursday 7 PM to 8 PM and Sunday 10 AM to 11 AM



Contact: Max Reising, 773-793-8713


Transforming Novel into Motion Picture May Feature Local Athletes and Acting Talent.  First tryouts scheduled for this Saturday May 23rd & Sunday May 24th have been postponed and will be held in June exact dates tba  . For more information contact Max Reising at 773-793-8713 .       

          Baseball fans in and around Chicagoland as well as Wisconsin and Michigan  can now directly participate in a crowd funding initiative that incorporates a talent search by nominating baseball players to play key roles in a movie titled Last At Bat, based on a novel by Mark Donahue. The initiative, titled the Search for Dylan Michael, (the story’s key character) will seek baseball players from the ages of 8-25 to play Dylan in various stages of his life. Crowd funding has become a standard form of raising capital for film makers and other entrepreneurs. In 2013 alone, crowd funding raised over $5.1 billion world-wide. Spike Lee, Tom Hanks, Zack Braff and others have turned to crowd funding whereby fans donate money to a film in exchange for gifts and other perks.

           As part of this crowd funding project, persons donating at least $50 at www.LastAtBatTheMovie.com have the option of giving themselves, friends, children and others a printed invitation to attend baseball tryouts that will lead to acting auditions and screen tests for the three baseball players needed to portray Dylan Michael. The 3 winners will each receive a $5,000 acting fee, and up to 150 players – girls/boys/men/women of all ages – are needed to play teammates and opponents in the film.  Men and women are also needed to play coaches, umpires, extras and other roles.                        

        Last at Bat is a comeback story about star-crossed major league baseball star Dylan Michael, who the world believes was killed in a horrific plane crash. But Dylan somehow survived. With the support and devotion of a small southern town he recaptures his on-the-field greatness under a new identity. Producer/author Mark Donahue and Director Jijo Reed embarked on a talent search after Hollywood casting calls did not yield results. Said Reed, “We found good actors, but few could play baseball which is a requirement of the script. Rather than using stand-ins we decided to find young men who can really play the game.” Added Donahue, “I was watching the Little League World Series, and the young men were not only great players but during interviews they were articulate, funny and had that athletic swagger we wanted. They were also hams, but in a good way. So, we decided why not get the real thing?”       

            Several rounds of tryouts will occur. Times, dates and locations will be announced on www.LastAtBatTheMovie.com. A second round of tryouts is planned for July, with final casting selections to be made around September 1, 2015.  “While crowd funding is not new, we wanted to add a twist to the process,” said Donahue. “We want to reach out to baseball fans who we hope, through their donations, will help us make the next great baseball film. But, we also wanted those same fans to either enter the competition themselves or nominate someone they think should be in the film -- a son, nephew, or a daughter.”  (Mr. Donahue emphasized that this crowd funding project is not a paid-to-audition initiative, as donors will be given the option to nominate anyone they feel could portray Dylan Michael or other roles.)

            With offers to sell his story to Hollywood studios, Mr. Donahue decided financing his film through crowd funding would allow him to retain creative control. To learn more about the tryouts, visit www.LastAtBatTheMovie.com, or MarkrDonahue.com.          

Max Reising

Midwest Regional Manager

Illinois, Michigan & Wisconsin



Monday May 18th

6:00 PM Bensenville  25 Devils 1  @ 25 White Sox  7

8:30 PM Bensenville  AHBA Pirates 1  @ Power 12

6:45 PM Heritage #1  AHBA Angels 9 @ BlackJacks 4

9:15 PM Heritage #1  AHBA Indians 8 @ Astros 1

Tuesday May 19th

6:00 PM Rec Park  55 Yankees @ Fanatics  postponed due to high school makeup

8:30 PM Rec Park  35 Devils @ 35 Yankees postponed

6:00 PM Oakton  Sea Dogs 8 @ 55 RiverBandits 6

8:30 PM Oakton  Woodpeckers 3 @ 35 Cubs 4

6:45 PM  Heritage #1  55 Jays 4 @ Stones 5

9:15 PM  Heritage @ #1 35 White Sox 12 @ Braves 0

8:30 PM  Bensenville  Naturals 9 @ 35 Orioles 12

Wednesday May 20th

6:00 PM  Bensenville  Outlaws @ Jaxx Rainout

8:30 PM  Bensenville  Mud Hens @ 45 White Sox Rainout

6:00 PM  Oakton Titans @ Panthers Rainout

8:30 PM  Oakton 45 Yankees @ 45 Royals Rainout

6:00 PM  Rec Park  55 Mudville9 @ Grizzlies Rainout

8:30 PM  Rec Park Chiefs @ 45 Cubs Rainout

Thursday May 21st

6:00 PM  Oakton  35 A's 11 @ 35 Jays 12

8:30 PM  Oakton  Reds 3 @ 45 Jays 2

6:30 PM  Heritage #1  D'backs 4 @ 1917 White Sox 14

9:00 PM  Heritage #1  60 Mudville9 ? @ Patriots ?

6:00 PM  Bensenville  45 RiverBandits 3 @ Red Hawks 9

8:30 PM  Bensenville  AHBA A's 1 @ Phillies 13

6:00 PM  Rec Park  Zephers 0 @ Lugnuts 15

8:30 PM  Rec Park  AHBA BlueJays 11 @ 45 Orioles 12

Friday May 22nd

Play Resumes Tues May 26th Have a great Memorial Day Weekend.


Play Ball USA--Mt Prospect location at 412 Business Center Drive 1/2 mile north of Central, off Rand Rd (inside Players U)--PH: 847-375-0840

Play Ball USA--Northbrook location at 1885 Holste Rd (1 block south of Willow Rd, just off Shermer Rd)--PH: 847-376-9386

Directions can be gotten at our website at www.playballdirect.com

Play Ball USA offers Individual Memberships, Private Hitting/Pitching Lessons and Team Rentals


25+ White Sox
- Repeat winner !
35+ A's
- Repeat winner (4 in a row)!
45+ Mudhens 
55+ River Bandits
- Repeat winner !

AAA -- Outlaws

AA -- Mudville 9

Contact Information
President Max Reising
Vice President Chuck Harper
Treasurer Steve Faigin
Communications/Fund Raising Director Ross Wolfson
Player Personnel Director Mark Horwitz
Website Director John "Web" Avila
25+ Commissioner Chuck Harper
35+ Commissioner "Jersey" Joe Schwenk
45+ Commissioner Mike Bryskier
55+ Commissioner Ed Gunther
60+ Commissioner Steve Obert

Existing Players

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